The Winks

Head of the Winks: Tom Brady
Number of members: Unknown, but enough to support an intelligence network stretched across most of Atollia and parts of Aecherron.
Allegiance: Themselves.
Symbol: Two circles or ovals representing eyes, with one covered or blacked out. Sometimes simply one shut or darkened eye or circle.

As Thieve’s guilds go, the Winks certainly aren’t a bad lot. Founded soon after the reclamation of Fallcrest during the Third Restoration by an elf named Droopy (on account of his stroked and partly blind face) the Winks began as a simple group of cutpurses and footpads. As the years passed and the lives of the thieves became more and more comfortable, Droopy expanded his network of loyal rogues across the Nentir Vale, setting them up as spies and sleeper agents, trafficking in information rather than fencing stolen goods.

After a dozen or so years the Winks were one of the most powerful groups in Fallcrest, much to the chagrin of the Lord Warden and the town guard. It was at this moment that Droopy hit upon the idea that made the Winks into what they are today. Instead of taking from the townsfolk, the Winks would set themselves up as a kind of community service, using their wealth, social connections, and unique skills to protect the populace and deal with legally grey problems that the town’s constabulary wouldn’t normally deal with. Thus the Winks transformed in a few short years from a group of notorious brigands into respected members of the community.

This lasted up until Droopy was contracted to hunt down a certain group of adventurers by the High Septarch of Fallcrest, Simon Magus. The party managed to track down Droopy in his tavern, The Blind Beholder, kill him, and with the help of the local guard drive out many of the Winks.

This left a power vacuum.

The Winks

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