The Sodality

Head of The Sodality: The Primarch
Number of Members: ~125 Ministers, changing with each election
Allegiance: The Harmony, Aecheron, Primarch civilization
Symbol: Crowned dragon at the center of a cog (the symbol of Erathis)

Made up of elected officials called ministers, the Sodality represents the legal and governmental head of all settled Primarch lands. One minister represents 10,000 citizens, either populations of large towns, cities, or a collection of smaller settlements. Ministers can be from any Primarch race, or from an Antiarch race if they are not slaves, freedmen, and can prove they have no relations or connections to families, clans, or tribes that have been enslaved or participated in any wars or battles during the Strifes, or any hostility to any Primarch settlement or citizen. Due to these stringent restrictions, typical in most Primarch cities in Aecher, Antiarchs are rarely ministers. Ministers are elected every 5 years, unless there is an ongoing Strife or Restoration, in which case elections are suspended until peacetime is declared.

Ministers gather at Aecherron to decide matters of law and policy in The Harmony, and for each represented village, town, city, and territory. Pieces of legislation can be introduced by any member of the Sodality, and require a majority vote by the ministers before it is passed to the Synod for their vote. Laws include taxation, land entitlement and borders, rights of succession, property rights as well as military deployments during periods of Strifes and Restorations.

While ministers represent certain locations, they have no direct power over them- this falls to the Lord of the area, usually determined wither by local elections or familial lineage depending on the traditions of the area. Instead ministers lobby on behalf of the citizens they represent, often travelling back and forth between Aecherron and the area they represent several over the course of their term, made more or less frequent by how far their district is from the capitol. For this reason ministers are sometimes seen as nothing more than glorified messengers, especially by small and distant territories that by and large don’t bother with Aecherron’s political process.

The head of the Sodality, the Primarch, is chosen out of the general population by each newly elected Sodality. Anyone may put their name forward, or be nominated by another to be considered for the position. Each candidate goes through rigorous questioning, intellectual trials, and all manner of inspections by ministers of the Sodality before being brought to the more experienced ministers and the old Primarch for consideration. Most condidates don’t make it this far, and when Primarch gives his blessing and opens up the vote to the Sodality, there are usually only two or three candidates left, usually senior ranking ministers who have held their position for several terms. Every once in a great while however, there is but one candidate who remains, who becomes the defacto new Primarch. Also, the history of Aecherron is peppered with stories of ordinary citizens who either through their own efforts or through the nomination of other citizens, find themselves to be the new Primarch of the Sodality.

While the Primarch has many executive powers, they are mostly held in check by the Sodality and the other half of the Harmony, the Synod. Every law that is passed, or any decision made that would have sweeping national or international concerns must be back by a majority of members of both the Sodality and the Synod, including the Patriarch/Matriarch.

The Sodality

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