Head of Organization: Unknown
Number of Members: Unknown, though individual qabals usually range from 3-5 members, and more than one qabal can be active at any one time. Estimates place the total number of members throughout Atlas at ~100.
Allegiance: City of Aecherron, The Harmony
Symbol: A sword silhouetted by the star of Corellon

Templars are a specialized military organization employed by both the church and state (the Synod and the Sodality) of Acherron to hunt down powerful magic users that are considered a danger to the safety or purity of Primarch lands and people. They are employed when standard police or military options have failed, and so are often used against Liches, spirits, and mages that are too powerful to be defeated by traditional means. Templars use their specialized equipment and training to nullify the magic-user’s power and subdue him or her either to answer for their crimes in the appropriate court or to be executed immediately.

Templars are given defacto diplomatic immunity and are authorized to ignore any local laws and enroll any military, mercenary, or civilian resources in order to secure their objective. Most Lords who find themselves hosting Templars do all they can to help them complete their missions, as any obstacle put before them could constitute an obstruction of divine justice, punishable by imprisonment or death, at the Templar’s discretion.

Templars are organized into groups called qabals, that are usually comprised of one commanding officer and at least 2-4 other Templars able to assume command immediately if the CO is lost or killed in the field. Single officers are sometimes utilized to infiltrate cults or in situations where a group would not be able to complete the mission. Rules of succession and standard operating procedures are considered dogma and are held as faithfully as religious principles. They are perceived by most people as cold and calculating zealots, the long arm of the Powers That Be.

They are easily recognized by their green cloaks, and their symbol, usually worn as a talisman around their neck.


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