A tiny small not large community of halflings of no particular size.

Population: ~650; halflings, half-elves, humans.
Rulers: Lord Arthan and Lady Sabrina Blackwater, of family Blackwater
Sigil: Head of Gold Direbear

Features: Ruled primarily by Blackwater family, the largest halfling family in Nenlast. Town defenses and town guards overseen by Keffen and the widow Taris of family Daggersharp, as well as sworn defender Caliope Blackwater, Paladin of Melora. Fishing and Commerce overseen by Whim and Zanthe of the family Yellowcrane.

Settlement is made up of ruins of a human settlement hundreds of years old- patched together stone walls, a half-ruined keep. Most of the population live underground in custom made homes, with some living in the remains of the previous buildings.

Borders Lake Nen, providing a steady supply of a variety of fish, Nenlast’s chief consumable and export.


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