Population: ~2,250; humans, half elves, dwarves, halflings (about 900 living in outside farms and in the countryside)
Population After Siege of Fallcrest: ~1,500 (most deaths were residents of the town proper)
Ruler: Lord Warden Farren Markelhay, old (~60) and retired adventurer, Warden of the Nentir Vale.
Sigil: Twin Waterfalls underneath a tower silhouetted by a moon

Features: More than half of the town was ruined by a giant stone golem in the later part of 1299 of the Third Restoration. The Lord Warden is still coordinating efforts to rebuild the town and restore order.

Before the siege the town was the center of trade, commerce, and government for the Nentir Vale. Boats sailed down the Nentir River to the Bay of Isles, and merchants arrived at the town bearing trade goods from the villages bordering the Winterbole forest to the north. The town was comparatively wealthy, and the largest primarily human settlement in the area.

15 years ago the population was able to expand and establish the small village of Winterhaven to the west. Historically when the town of Fallcrest is retaken by Primarchs, and they are secure enough and prosperous enough to establish their own colony, this marks the beginning of the end of the ongoing Restoration. Thus the founding of Winterhaven marked the closing years of the Third Restoration, which shall close officially in the year 1300.

Word is gradually spreading of Fallcrest’s devastation, and aid is pouring in very slowly from the smaller villages in the area.

Recently, with the destruction of the High Septarch’s tower, the Nentir river was temporarily diverted into the resulting crater, leaving a new and as of yet unnamed pond.


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