The Platinum Dragon. The Silver Patriarch. Fount of Justice.

Spheres of Influence: Justice, honor, nobility, protection.
Races and roles: Dragonborn, dragons, paladins


  • “Uphold justice and honor.”
  • “Be vigilant against evil, and oppose it on all fronts.”
  • “Protect the weak, liberate the oppressed, defend just order.”

If blasphemy is the kind of thing that upsets you then you are probably already familair with Bahamut, more properly and contemporarily known as the Platinum Dragon. The aural properties of the word, it’s flow and power, as well as the ideas of correcting injustice and unfairness in the world that the name invokes, have made it a popular curse word. It is used primarily in times of sudden pain or bad luck- “Bahamut!”

There was a concerted effort by the clerics and clergy to stem this sudden usurpation of the diety’s name, and more than a few paladins came close to breaking their vows to defend the meek and innocent when farmers would unknowingly yelp the word when catching themselves with a blunt or bladed tool. But eventually the church gave up and instead opted to direct attention to the god’s subtitle, the Platinum Dragon.

He is largely considered the source or patriarch or all metallic dragons, those who do not tend to horde wealth, lay waste to villages, or capture princesses. These are the more reserved dragons, who contemplate the world, offer wisdom, and take up space in caves.

The Platinum Dragon’s visage is often seen in courthouses and is the de-facto symbol for those where justice and fairness are part of their profession or personal philosophy. Most paladins worship him, even when they have dedicated themselves to another god.


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