Primarchs: Primarily humans, dwarves, elves, and half elves. Secondary populations of halflings, eladrin, and dragonborn. Most Primarch races keep to the Nentir Vale and the eastern arm of the continent around the Dawnforge Mountains.
Antiarchs: Unknown, but large and varied tribes of orcs, goblins, and kobolds have been confirmed in past Strifes. Gnolls, ogres, giants, and dragons are often spotted, but are assumed to be not as plentiful. Historically Antiarch armies have been pushed back beyond the Stonemarch Mountians on the western arm of the continent before they offer their surrender, so it is assumed that most of their above-ground settlements are located there.


Notable Geographic Features:

  • The Winterbole Forrest: A massive forest containing possibly several elven towns and cities, all non elven races are forbidden from penetrating the tree border, and such an act has been deemed illegal by the Lord Warden in an effort to maintain diplomatic relations.
  • The Nentir Vale: a large valley full of fertile fields and woods, fed by several lakes and rivers.
  • The Dawnforge Mountains: a long mountain range containing several dwarven settlements, dividing the Nentir Vale from the ruined Ember Lands.
  • The Stonemarch: largely unexplored by Primarchs, this massive mountain range creates a natural border between the Nentir Vale and the western arm of the continent.
  • The Bay of Isles: ther terminus of the Nentir river, this bay contains several hundred islands that lead away from the continent and eventually add to the massive island chain known as the Dragon’s Teeth.
  • The Dragon’s Teeth: a complex series of islands linking the south of Atolia to a similar archipelago that spreads from the north west of Abaddon. Largely considering unsafe for anyone other than professional navigators and pirates.

Features: The smallest continent of the three primary land masses (Atolia, Aecher, Abaddon), Atolia is known for it’s temperate, verdant, and hotly contested valley, The Nentir Vale. Historically it is usually the first to fall to Antiarch control during a Strife, and the last to be retaken during each Restoration.

Compared to the rest of Atolia, there is far less mixing of Antiarch and Priamrch cultures and races, as hostilities between the two often carry over long after each Strife and Restoration is officially completed. This is primarily due to a comparatively larger population of warlike Antiarch races such as orcs, and a lack of fertile land on which to grow food, making the Nentir Vale a hotly contested piece of land. As such relations between Primarchs and Antiarchs are almost universally hostile, and there are no known mixed settlements, as is often common in Aecher and Abaddon. Primarchs and Antiarchs are almost perpetually at war in Atolia.


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