The Hammer of Tiamat

Five serpentine heads of differing colours wrap around the head of this ancient weapon.

weapon (melee)

Weapon: Magic +1 Mace
Damage: 1d8
Critical: +1d8
Value: 1,200 GP

Power-Daily: Free action. Use this power when you successfully hit a target, deal an extra 1d8 special damage and push the target one square.

Special: After a short rest choose fire, lightening, cold, acid, or necrotic. The Hammer of Tiamat deals that type of damage, including it’s critical bonus and daily power.


Protected by dragonborne and kobolds for centuries, the Hammer of Tiamat is a symbol of the trials and tribulations of dragons, the Draconic people, and their Antiarch gods.

The mace seems to be constructed out of molded stone and metal ore, the head of which is created by the merging of the five coloured dragon heads, covered in spines and spikes, making it more vicious than a normal mace. It’s exact origins or method of creation is unknown, though it likely comes from the period around the First Strife.

The Hammer of Tiamat

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