That guy you avoided in magic school.


Traevus is fairly dwarfy, as far as dwarves go. He has a long dwarven beard, he’s short and thickly built. The only undwarven thing about Traevus is probably his shaved head. Oh, and the full black tattoo of a skull with ram horns that covers his face. Did I mention that? Oh, well, yeah, it’s not especially dwarven.


Traevus was never much of a magician. Sure he tried, so it wasn’t that he lacked the passion or the determination, it’s just that he never had the knack. Perhaps it was his dwarven heritage, or his comparably low IQ, or some magical accident he may have suffered as a child. The point is, when his master Malabreth accepted to take him on as a student, he may not have made the best career move, as it were.

It didn’t take long for Malabreth and the other students to see that Traevus would never make much of a magician, and it wasn’t much longer after when Traevus found himself fulfilling most of the clerical and custodial duties of the small mage’s tower. This didn’t completely preclude him from getting into the potions or magic tomes, which inevitably lead to many an uproarious, destructive, and most assuredly comedic series of events. Unfortunately to describe these events would take us into the inescapable and irrational realm of situational comedy, and we will not be having that.

No sir.

Quite unbeknownst to Traevus, Malabreth had joined an up-and-coming cult, devoted to the Demon Prince of the Undead, that great Lord of Blood- Orcus. His students, keen to learn as much as they could about the secrets of anatomy and magical rituals, were all too eager to follow in their master’s footsteps. Traevus was mostly oblivious.

This didn’t stop Traevus’ zeal for magic, and his antics carried on within the ranks of the cult. He went so far as to tattoo the symbol of Orcus, a skull with ram’s horns, all over his face and head- an act usually reserved for the upper echelons of the cult.


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