Simon Magus

Accomplished wizard, High Septarch of Fallcrest, the guy you copied off of in wizarding school.


Red skin, long, slender horns, a typical Tiefling really, if you were only looking at his skin. He is usually dressed in expensive clothes, and his gaze, no matter how casual, has been described variously as: daunting, hideous, intimidating, scary, pompous, and “maybe a little bit sad, at times. No, not really.”

Simon is quite aware of his position and his power and never appears to shy from using either in order to get what he wants. He is confident, smart, and often has his attention on more than one task.


It is very difficult to become a celebrity in the Nentir Vale. Word doesn’t travel particularly fast you see. You could pop off a quick missive through a portal but mages don’t come cheap and residuum doesn’t grow on trees, so unless Timmy isn’t in a terrible hurry to get out of that well you had best have a lot of coin or a very fast set of legs. The most notable people tend to be Lords and Ladies, or the occasional adventurer who bagged a dragon that was, “Swear to the Gods, THIS BIG.”

That said however, when the name of the new High Septarch was announced, many of the citizens of Fallcrest were immediately star-struck. Ah, Simon Magus! Foremost author of treatises, books, and essays concerning the arcane arts. That immensely intelligent tiefling who rose from the slums of the great city of Aecheron to become one of the foremost wizards of his day. Scholar, entrepreneur, genius, and well… a bit of a dick.

It is said that Simon adopted his untraditional, human name in order to be better accepted by his peers, calling attention to his abilities and ideas rather than the stereotypes that often hamper tieflings. Among his kind he is considered a paragon, a prime example of what you can do if you put your mind to it. He often seeks out underprivileged but capable tieflings to be his assistants or apprentices, allegedly in the face of more qualified and experienced applicants. It is obvious that he remembers where he came from. Or he’s a racist, as the rumors go. Take your pick.

Though the common man is amazed to see him, there are whispered questions about why he came all the way to the frontier, to the Vale, to the very reaches of civilization. The going rumor is that he was sent by Whoever it is That Rules Aecheron to help strengthen the region, reestablishing trade and relationships with other towns and communities, taking back the land from the darkness by helping along the Third Restoration. The position of High Septarch is essentially that of creating policy, advising and directing the use of magic in the area, so that all seems well enough.

Still, his presence in Fallcrest is a remarkable turn from the ordinary.

Simon Magus

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