Alva Van Gandt Varzand

Genius, geriatric, generally gross.


Alva was a child genius, clever beyond all hope, and the most immoral terror since dragons were a common nuisance. Blessed with an incredible mind and no real conscience, young Alva’s curiosities frequently strayed passed the typical arcane and alchemical disciplines reserved for the clever and into areas significantly less wholesome. Whether or not the long tradition of animal husbandry would be improved if the animals in question where grafted with wheels may be a sobering theoretical question, but there’s a reason why angry mobs so often have scythes and pitchforks.

It wasn’t long before Alva was run out of school, , and then out of his home, and then out of Aecherron, and then from the town of his birth, and then from pretty much all civilized areas that preferred their pets and livestock to remain unsullied. Thus these persistent and increasingly gruesome “misunderstandings” eventually forced Alva to retreat from civilization and into caves and ruins typically reserved for Antiarch, where he built his own companions from various metals, magic, and a bit of ol’ elbow grease. Enamoured with his new emotionless and tireless companions, Alva began on what would be his first opus- immortality.

Though no one has seen Alva in several years, and really they weren’t looking all that hard, consensus is that if he set his twisted little mind on something, he would more than likely achieve it.

So, best keep your horse close to you around these parts. Unless you want it tricked out and lowered in the middle of the night.

Alva Van Gandt Varzand

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