The Spectral Necromancer

A necromancer who is now a ghost. There's probably a joke there somewhere...

Necromancers don’t work at the same level as you or I. Their idea of security, of basic personal measures to keep one’s valuables safe and hidden is often bloated and completely obtuse. It might be a side-effect of their calling, since creating undead minions, summoning demons, and wielding terrible arcane energy are about as common for them as making breakfast would be for the common man or woman. What would seem completely natural to a necromancer, for example- sealing their keys behind angry magic circles, a small army of animated statues, and in the grasp of a variety of demonic beings, would seem to the average person, or indeed the average adventuring party, to be bat shit fucking insane. And they would be right of course, that shit is bananas. But that observation, no matter how accurately it describes the parabola a necromancer is cannoned out of the realm of common sense, doesn’t help but call attention to the obvious.

Anarus Kalton was crazy.

After scrounging amongst the tombs and rooms of the old Kalton keep, the party eventually found themselves before that familiar shimmering purple portal, iron key in hand. They noticed right away that the dwarf Traevus, the anxious and ineffective cultist that they had encountered near the portal earlier, had disappeared. He had slipped his bonds, thrown off the stone cover of the tomb, and gotten the hell out of there. Fearing his return or possible reinforcements, the adventurers barricaded themselves inside the tomb, setting up the cleric’s crossbow as a crude trap as a further deterrent.

Eventually Bowie figured out how to use the key, by simply inserting the metallic, hollow rectangle into the mist. The device expanded to fill the passageway, parting the purple haze and exposing the crypt beyond.

Anarus Kalton, his spectral face a mixture of relief and disgust, was waiting for them. His spectral form went through the formalities, “How dare you. You’ll never get what you’re looking for, blah blah blah.” In short order he summoned a group of skeletons, paralyzed most of the party, and took control of the rogue’s mind.

It went mostly down-hill from there.



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