The Crypt Beneath the Manse

Group B April 11, 2012


  • The party divvied up a portion of the money hidden by Baratak/Bartholemew, Lord Eleghast’s goblin manservant and decided to give the rest back to the villagers who serve the Lord rather than the Lord himself.
  • On their way back to the Eleghast Manse, Tora showed signs of being ill, and quickly succumbs to what appears to be a fever.
  • Trying to find their way to Rivercrest to find a healer for Tora, the party lost their way several times and ended up back at the Manse.
  • They discover that Lord Madrian Eleghast is missing, and that cultists wearing maroon robes and tattoos of chains, as well as half lizard/illithid humanoids are ransacking the Manse.
  • The party defeats most of the cultists, though fail to kill one of the lizard men. They follow his trail of blood down a secret stone stairway located in the floor of the Manse’s kitchen, abandoning Tora to the care of the villagers and leaving behind the chest of gold and silver meant to be distributed to them.

Dramatis Personae…

-Lord Madrian Eleghast
-Lord Builder Auxland Copperheart (deceased)

Beneath the Eleghast Manse…

  • The party finds a long stone tunnel, liberally lighted by torches along either side, gently sloping down into the earth.
  • As they proceed, following the green blood of the lizard man, Vos begins to act erratically. He seems to have trouble moving and keeping his balance, almost as if he is drunk (odd behavior for a warforged). Eventually he seizes up entirely.
  • The remaining players follow the narrowing stone hall into a large dark room, occupied by dwarves with chains weaved into their beards and wrapped around their bodies. Vaughn is certain that this chain motif is the same as the chain tattoos of the cultists they met earlier in the Manse. The dwarves also have a caged darkmantle that they release to attack the party.
  • After a protracted battle in which some of the dwarves try to steal Thoron’s enchanted battleaxe, the PCs survey the room and find it full of trade goods (casks of wine, grain, and salted meat, as well as earthenware jugs and pots, and bolts of maroon cloth). They also find several trade manifests dating back several years to areas to and from locations in the Stonemarch, but none of them directed to the Manse.
  • Vaughn spots several symbols of Moradin in the chamber, and as the party surveys the room they find that there are two mirrored murals of a dwarf, positioned between buildings that look like the Manse and the nearby church on the surface.
  • Using an speak language ritual Perexia is able to decipher several dwarven runes carved into the chamber walls above the two frescoes.


History makes me envious,
But add me to my brother and I become stronger and harder.
Once I pierced flesh,
But now I have little value.

  • As they finish investigating the room and get ready to follow the blood, Vos begins to raise his arms, pointing at the two walls with the depiction of Auxland Copperheart. The PCs notice that there is an amber glow coming from Vos’s eyes, and as they try to communicate to him through hand gestures and basic ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions, Vos relays that he is being possessed by the spirit of Lord Builder Copperheart, and that this is his tomb. He directs them to answer the riddle, and speak the solution to the two facades. The PCs correctly guess that the answer is “copper”.
  • This causes each wall to open, revealing two old an dusty crypts. Through each entrance they find small rooms, one full of aged and faulty traps, but some very large and lively dire rats and a rat swarm, who almost best the heroes. Though they eventually defeat the rodents, Vaughn and Thoron are infected with filth fever. The other room has traps that most certainly work, though they fall to the party’s wits and one particularly brave familiar.
  • Each room has a stone sarcophagus, and part of the Lord Builder’s raiment. The party claims a thunderous mace, a heavy shield of protection, and a copper headband containing some of Auxland Copperheart’s wisdom.
  • As the party emerges from the tombs, they find Vos once again unresponsive, and decide to bed down and gather their strength to continue through the underground tunnel.



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