Old Friends, Old Enemies

The party returns to Fallcrest as neither champions nor heroes...

Group A

Last Time…

For the first time (at least that is what they would have us believe) the heroes distinguished themselves in a court room rather than a dungeon. Arrested mere moments after they returned to Nenlast, they sat as witness upon witness back the charges against them: murder of Lord Jeryl Daggersharp, conspiracy to harm the town of Nenlast, and finally the assault of Simon Magus.

As each witness bore testimony to their crimes, the heroes expertly dismantled their arguments and false assumptions, and proved themselves just as adept at working through arguments as they were at working their way through groups of kobolds. The last witness to present himself, through a puff of smoke and substantiation, was Simon Magus himself, who argued that the heroes assaulted him and were the reason he was in possession of about half of his facial features.

But the PCs would not relent, and as they stood up to Simon’s wave of lies, and the famous Magus saw that he was once again defeated, he teleported away, but not before leaving the upper floors of Blackwater tower in ruins.

It’s safe to say that the inhabitants of Nenlast have had about enough of their so-called “heroes”.

This week’s cast of characters…

-Simon Magus, previous High Septarch of Fallcrest, famous wizard, jackass of the highest order
-Bowie, sorcerer and recently retired adventurer
-Sylvana Silvermane, sorceress and recently appointed High Septarch, head of Fallcrest Wizarding Academy
-Quest, tiefling wizard, lover of food
-Luci, half-elf warlord, lover of fine dresses
-LaCroix, half elf cleric of Bahamut, lover of righteousness
-Allemund, dwarf, fighter, lover of the drink
-Leskyn Sinks-Ships, halfling pirate and captain of no particular repute.

The long wet road to Fallcrest…

After Simon Magus’s explosive farewell, and during the chaotic aftermath where halflings and architecture are raining down on most of Nenlast, the PCs are quickly exonerated of their crimes, and reunited with their equipment. Taking the hint that they may no longer be welcome in the halfling town, and receiving word from their old friend Tom Brady that Simon Magus had returned to Fallcrest, the PCs hire a boat with an eccentric one-eyed captain, Leskyn Sinks-Ships, to tak them across Lake Nen to fallcrest. Did I mention there is also a bounty on their head, a writ describing their adventuring party and calling them murderers and traitors, written by Simon Magus? Oh, well that probably helped them move along as well.

After three days of travel across Lake Nen and down the Nentir river they arrive at Fallcrest, it’s citizens just as beleaguered, the buildings more or less as ruined as whence they had left. After making some streetwise checks the party begins collecting recent rumours: that the Lord Warden has taken to what remains of his keep, that he is unwell, and that a man in a dark cloak has been visiting the sick and injured over the past few days, restoring them and giving the people hope. As the party makes their way to Moonstone Keep to check in with Lord Farren, they come to a crowded square with several townsfolk watching what appears to be an argument between three robed individuals. Closer inspection shows that it is a heated verbal confrontation between their old adventuring companion David Bowie, the new High Septarch Slyvanna Silvermane, and Simon Magus.

After attempting to slander the heroes by pointing out how wealthy and well they are in comparison to the common people all around them, and pointing out the fact that the party cleric wields a mace affixed with the symbol of Tiamat, Simon Magus manages to turn some of the villagers against the PCs. He reveals that he is armed and covered in magic raiment, including what appears to be an artificial golden eye that has the power to mark and hurl magic bolts at the PCs. As Simon attacks, men dressed in dark robes and wielding daggers appear from alleys and building around the square, surprising the PCs and surrounding them as the battle drags on…

To be concluded next session.



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