Exploring the Ghost Tower

A spectral tower or a tower full of ghosts?

To be fair, Simon Magus had warned them that there would be traps. He had explained how Anarus Kalton, last descendant of the doomed Kalton lineage, was a paranoid and deeply disturbed necromancer of some repute. This was after all why Simon was after his tome of spells, and why he had sent the adventurers to the Kalton’s unfinished keep on the Witchlight Fens. The codex, as well as probably the remains of Anarus Kalton, were hidden somewhere deep under the hallow bog. And passed the blades that swung down from the ceiling. And passed dozens of undead minions and demons. And a dwarven necromancer named Traevus… wait.

Yeah, so the hooded, facial-tattooed dwarf was a shock. The party had seen signs of someone else hunting for the Anarusi codex- a horse tied up just inside the ruined keep, a makeshift camp just inside the dry tomb, a swearing dwarf tossing epithets at a billowing, violet portal. A letter they had discovered within Traevus’ camp explained that the dwarf was here under some duress- the cult of which he was a member was, in a manner of speaking, sick of his shit, and he was sent here more or less as a punishment to retrieve the tome.

With this in mind the party tried to convince the dwarf that they had come from the cult to relieve him and to help him find the book. But Traevus saw through the trickery and after a prolonged assault, he lay at the mercy of the adventurers.

They interrogated the cultist, discovering that there was an Orcus cult somewhere outside the town of Winterhaven, and further elucidating the point that Traevus was not a terribly competent magus. After a very brief discussion they took his shoes, bound his feet and hands, gagged him, and stuffed him into one of the dusty stone coffins. There was, after all, a tomb to explore.

Convinced, as Traevus was, that Anarus’ tomb lay beyond the impenetrable barrier of violet mist, they began exploring the crypt, stumbling on to metal bars that when conjoined would form the passage through the mist and to their prize.

Or at least, that’s what they’re trying to do.



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